Ceremony Ensembles

Our Ceremony Ensembles

Arriving early and dressed appropriately, we play for 30 minutes before your ceremony while your guests are arriving, ceremony’s processions, parts of the ceremony, and 2 songs at the ceremony’s conclusion. Arrangements can be made for your ensemble to stay and perform for your dinner, cocktail hour, or wedding reception. A String Quartet is the recommended string ensemble, consisting of 2 violinists, a violist, and a cellist. Quartets have the ability to perform a wide range of repertoire, and is a popular choice for a wedding ceremony. If you wish to add a different voice to the group, a flute can make a nice substitution for one of the violins. Also, the addition of a trumpet player for the bridal march makes for a big entrance. A String Trio provides many of the benefits of a string quartet while being more economical with one fewer musician. The sound of a string trio will not be as thick as that of a quartet and it offers less complexity of harmonies, but still creates a warm, beautiful sound while providing good value. A String Duo sounds more hollow when compared to the sound of a string quartet, but can be striking nonetheless. Instrumental soloists can also make a strong impression on your ceremony. Whether it be a vocal tenor or soprano, violin, harp, or keyboardist; your ceremony will have individuality and convey the ambiance that you want.

Ceremony Soloists &

Two Trumpets, Violin, Cello,
Organ and Tenor

Tenor Vocalist

Harp, Violin, and

Trumpet, Strings, Organ, Soprano


Fanfare and Trumpet

A String

Music featuring a
trumpet player